Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 24, Issue 3 2018; Page No.(1065-1068)


Ainur Zhidebayeva, Gusman Kenzhetayev, Samal Syrlybekkyzy, Ainazhan Maratovna Aitimova, Botakoz Suleimenova and Nurgul Janaliyeva


This work is devoted to studies of soil state, in particular, contamination degree of soils in the area of South canyon of South Shetpe chalk deposit near CaspiCement, aiming at its employment for ecotourism. More than 20 samples were studied obtained at three test areas and one reference site. During laboratory studies the content of heavy metals (Cu, Ni, Zn, Mg, Cd, Cr) was determined and compared with their maximum permissible concentrations (MPCs) at reference site. The content of heavy metals in soil was det ermined by atomic absorption using MGA-915 spectrometer. In soils from test sitesPP-1 and PP-2 MPCs were slightly exceeded for copper, nickel, cadmium and chromium in most samples which was stipulated by Technogenic impact of the cement plant. Soils from PP-3 and of reference site PP-4 according to experimental results could be considered as noncontaminated. All soil samples from test and reference sites had soil pollution index SPI < 1 which characterized them as noncontaminated. After statistic data processing with regard to average content of heavy metals for the layer depth of 0-20 cm at the considered sites statically significant differences were determined only for two elements (Cu, Cr).

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