Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 24, Issue 2 2018; Page No.(636-640)


E.A. Vasilenko, V.I. Dolgova, G.Yu. Golieva, V.K. Shayakhmetova and I.E. Yemelyanova


The article aims at analyzing the impact of chronic stress associated with living in ecologically pollutedarea on socio-environmental adaptation of senior pupils of secondary schools living in areas of adverseecological zones. The article presents results of two empirical studies. The first study was conducted in2006-2007 and involved 553 senior pupils living in 12 populated localities in the adverse ecological zones ofthe Chelyabinsk Region, and 526 senior pupils living in 12 populated localities of the region with relativelysatisfactory ecological situation. The second study was conducted in 2015-2016. It involved 112 seniorpupils living in 9 populated localities in adverse ecological zones, and 104 senior pupils living in 9 populatedlocalities in areas with relatively satisfactory ecological situation. To study the environmental stress, weused research methods for environmental engagement suggested by B. Andresen, F.-M. Stark, and J. Gross.To study the socio-psychological adaptation we used methods suggested by K. Rogers and R. Diamond;“Incomplete sentences” test by S.Y. Ganja, “Who am I?” test by M. Kuhn, D.A. Leontyev’s “Life-purposeorientations test”, sociometric method, analysis of pupils’ success level, as well as content analysis ofpublications in the regional and local press dedicated to environmental problems of a populated locality where the pupil lives. consequence of the conducted regression analysis, two types of pupils’ responseon environmental challenge were identified. The testees with average level of environmental stress and thelevel below average have shown most pronounced need to obtain information about the ecological situation,the desire for protection against the effects of adverse environmental factors, and the willingness for politicalmoves (adaptive type of response).

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