Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 24, March Suppl. Issue 2018; Page No.(1-4)


A. Alex Rajesh and S. Senthilkumar


Discarding of used waste tire rubber is a foremost crisis in the current period, as the habit of rubber is budding day by day and it takes more than hundreds of years for waste rubber material to mortify. The used waste tyre rubbers were unruffled, ground into smaller components, waste tyre rubber are of the size about 1mm. The density of the waste tire rubber was originated to be 473 kg/m3, its specific gravity was 1.029. Sieve analyses were carried out and about 85% of the rubber were initiated to be in the series of 1 -1.6mm. 18 nos. of 15cm x15cm x15cm cement concrete Cubes of M30 mix were cast for 0%, 3%, 6%, 9%, 12% & 15% sand being replaced with rubber material. Volumetric proportioning was adopted in this work. Workability test, weight and compressive strength of the cubes were determined. The test results discovered that the give up as well as the ultimate strength of concrete at 7th day decreased by about 3 to 3.2 N/mm2 for 12% replacement & 4 to 6.5 N/mm2 for superior replacements of waste rubber tire replaced concrete when compared to conventional concrete. The ultimate in addition to the yield strength of concrete at 14th day and 28th day decreased by about 0.2 to 1 N/mm2 for 12% replacement & 9.1 to 14.6 N/mm2 for superior replacement of rubber waste when compared to conventional concrete.

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