Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 24, Feb. Suppl. Issue 2018; Page No.(410-414)


P. Sivakumar, R.S. Sandhya Devi,S.Vidhya Shree, K. Keerthanaa


Global warming has become an inevitable problem in the current scenario. Today, in the 21st century, with increasing technologies and advancements in the field of science, it is the responsibility of the citizens to promote a green environment by using innovations that would cause less emission. The pollution caused because of conventional internal combustion engines are increasing at a rapid rate. Electric Vehicles are good alternatives to conventional IC engine vehicles as it mitigates the emissions to a greater extent. This paper highlights the need to switch to electric vehicles- government incentives and impact on electric vehicles, the challenges faced, systematic benefits of lightweighting in overcoming the challenges, purchasing concerns, recommendations to make electric vehicles ubiquitous.

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