Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 24, Feb. Suppl. Issue 2018; Page No.(318-326)


MitashreeTripathy and Itishri Sarangi


Among the myriad hazards in 20th century, climate change has been a subject of major concern which calls for substantial efforts to approach ecological issues. We exist within a devastating sphere where unwavering and enlarging distress has been noticeable all around the world. The vision of living in a better world has become a Utopian concept. Nature has been an essence to many poets and authors in their literary works. The concept of eco criticism has stimulated the history of environmental sensibility in a manner which inspires the universal cosmic spirit of the natural world. The reflection of subjective vision of nature is closely associated and studied in eco criticism which develops the idea about how human has responded to the environment. Again the present situation demands the rise of environmental ethics in order to bridge a gap in the analysis of ecological system to foster a better understanding of nature. At the moment, as a part of this expository point questions arise whether environment ethics can play any role to understand the changes in a situation where humans and environment collaborate. The salient features of environmental ethics in a close relation to the environment prepares human to be aware of the consequences and contribute for the cause. The major thrust of the research is to interpret communication, humanitarian concern, resilience, leadership, stability and critical thinking as the essential ethics in the age of environmental disaster.

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