Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 24, Feb. Suppl. Issue 2018; Page No.(29-35)


Paulus Liberthy Wairisal and MarethaIka Prajawati


The marine ecology of Maluku has the potential for fertility to be used to increase people’s incomes. One of the marine ecologies of interest is seaweed, which is the largest part of marine plants and as one of the potential commodities to be developed, but in reality there has been no serious concern from coastal communities to take advantage of this ecological environment. This study aims to measure the yield of seaweed that can increase the family’s economic income. Approach Financial analysis uses a seaweed business analysis that reviews the characteristics of the economy in Ambon City. The calculation results show that the first crops of the farmers have covered the capital from investment and operational costs. If in one period (1 year) there are 7 times of harvest, then the cultivators get a return on capital at the first harvest and six next harvest is profit. Marine ecology is not only a land of seaweed that can provide growth but increase people’s income in Ambon City. The next researchers are suggested to examine the extraction of seaweed that can increase farmer income.

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