Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 23, Issue 4, 2017; Page No.(2285-2296)


G. Velmurugan, V. Selvam1, R. Subashini and D. Rajan


The main aim of the study is to assess the customers’ perception towards organic food products and their level of satisfaction. The study further attempts to identify the factors influencing the consumers to purchase the organic food products and also to find out which organic product is purchased by the customers more frequently at Vellore, Tamil Nadu. Questionnaire is the sole instrument used to measure the customers’ perception towards organic food products. The sample of the study collected from 112 customers of Harish Food Zone, Sugam Natural Food Zone, All mart Supermarket Shops in Vellore city. The questionnaire contains two portions. The first part deals with demographic data. The second portion consist of eighteen variables relating to consumers’ perception towards organic food products under five dimensions say health, safety, environment friendly, quality and controlled by authority. Customer’s perceptions towards organic food products are good for health, healthier than conventional food, naturally is better for health, chemical free and convincing way of food safety. Only minority customers had high level of satisfaction towards organic food products. Elderly consumers have more positive attitudes towards organic food products. Awareness about the organic food products is low in the city hence awareness campaign should be organized particularly among the youngsters. The demographic variable plays a major role with regard to organic food products. Most of the customers purchased the organic food products such as fruits and vegetables followed by milk and dairy products and cereals. Majority of the customers quoted the reasons for not purchasing organic food products is high price and not controlled by authority.

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