Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 23, Issue 4, 2017; Page No.(2090-2095)


Murat M. Kunelbayev, Marsel A. Kadyrov, Andrey A. Ponomarev, Nurzhan K. Bulatov and Railya M. Mukhamadeyeva


This work considers the resources for obtaining biogas in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Biomass is considered one of the key renewable energy resources of the future. Today, it provides 14% of primary energy consumption. Therefore, the topic is relevant and deserves attention. Therefore, the aim of the work is to study the resources for obtaining biogas. The most suitable raw material for biogas production is manure of domestic animals and poultry. Animal wastes are of interest from the point of view of their use for obtaining biogas and energies only if the animals are concentrated in enclosed spaces. As a result, it has been established that application of the anaerobic digestion technology of manure to produce biogas and organic fertilizers will be very effective for various types of farm and peasant households remote from centralized energy supply systems. It should be noted that for the Republic of Kazakhstan the main biogas potential is created by two animal species: cattle, sheep and poultry, and for West Kazakhstan region – only by sheep. The annual energy equivalents of the biogas potential from the manure of Kazakhstan regions are given. The calculation of the biogas’ output from solid waste and sewage sludge of the Republic of Kazakhstan is made.

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