Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 23, Issue 4, 2017; Page No.(2018-2021)


A. A. Bokanova, N. Esengabylova, T.Y. Meshcheryakova, K.T. Tleumuratova, A.A. Abdurrahmanov and U. Mataiyev


Safety of the food products represents the problem of public health care, one component of which is diseases, usually caused by the infection or poisoning as a result of penetration of the pathogenic microorganisms into the body during food intake. Globalization of food products trade, urbanization, change in the way of life, international trips, environmental pollution, intentional infection, and also the natural disasters and man-caused catastrophes – all these opens wider possibilities both for infection of food with pathogenic microorganisms and their growth. Many disease outbreaks of food genesis, which earlier were restricted by the frameworks of any small society, now can have huge scales. In the article the ozone treatment is offered in order to provide safety of food products. The assured destruction of all known microorganisms – bacteria, viruses, fungi and so on takes place under ozone effect. The authors offer the new ozone generator, which international priority has been established and confirmed by the Patent. The main advantage of the device is the increase of operational reliability due to the exclusion of the electric disruptions in the discharge gap, the rise of ozonizer power consumption due to the increase of the quantity of spiral turns of corona wire and the increase of operational efficiency due to ozone ionic neutralization in the neutralization chamber. Ozonizer is performed in the form of dielectric tube (barrier), on which the corona wire is reeled on spirally with the spiral step bigger than the thickness of a tube wall, and external electrode in the form of cylinder is located coaxially inside the tube, at that ozonizer is equipped with full-wave rectifier and ozone ionic neutralization chamber, made of two metallic grids, connected to the corona electrode. Ozonizer made on the bases of improvement of its electric characteristics, will allow decreasing the energetic and capital expenditures on the technological line in 5-10 times in comparison with the foreign analogues. This would be reached as a result of the device compactness, in which ozone is obtained as a result of the corona discharge from the micro wire, which diameter does not exceed 100 microns. As a result of ozone influence the metabolic products and harmful microorganisms for human life, such as cryptosporidia, are neutralized. At the research it was found out that the air pressure decrease in the discharge gap does not reduce the ozone leaving out at the small power consumption, and also the possibility of obtaining the same quantity of ozone in the small-size devices, which small sizes, low power consumption and reduced environment ineffect are advantage in comparison with the foreign analogues. The ozone device can be used for the water purification and disinfection processes, treatment of the food products and as medical tools. Ozonizer power consumption is achieved due to the reduction of the consumed voltage, power and as a result the decrease of expenditures for construction of the power supplies line.

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