Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 23, Sept. Suppl. Issue 2017; Page No.(356-362)


P. Gajalakshmi


Rapid growth of technology, upgradation of technical innovations and a high rate of obsolescence in the electronics industry have led to one of the fastest growing waste streams in the world, simply called as Electronic waste. Improper disposal of E-waste can cause serious threats to human health and environment. Efforts have been made in the concrete industry to use non-biodegradable components of E-waste as a partial replacement of the coarse or fine aggregates. Use of these materials not only helps in getting them utilized in concrete and other construction materials, reducing the cost of concrete manufacturing. It also has numerous indirect benefits such as reduction in landfill cost, saving in energy, and protecting the environment from possible pollution effects. This article presents investigation to study the performance of concrete prepared with E- waste as a part of coarse aggregate. An experimental study was made by preparing concrete specimens using E- waste as coarse aggregate with percentage replacement of 20% with an increase of 5%. The test results reveal that 10% replacement of E-waste can be incorporated in concrete which results acceptable strength development properties.

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