Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 23, Sept. Suppl. Issue 2017; Page No.(328-338)


A. Gandhimathi and M. Ramaraj


Marine sensors were mainly intended for remote sensing of suspended sediments concentrations over the exposed oceanic areas using channels between 0.4-0.88ìm. National Aeronautics and Space Administration Terra and Aqua space crafts was launched the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectro radiometer (MODIS) is equipped with slender channels placed within a wider wavelength ranges between 0.4–2.5 m for a assortment of remote sensing applications. The mapping and monitoring of sediments in coastal waters from MODIS imagery plays a major role in investigation of marine environmental assessment and management efforts. Although many researchers have been established that suspended sediments can be effectively mapped from MODIS 250m resolution imagery for coastal waters. Here in this study the MODIS 500m and Ocean Color Monitoring images were used to satisfactorily examine the suspended sediments concentration in Pichavaram Mangrove creek coastal area. MODIS 500m and OCM data were collected on pre monsoon & Post monsoon of 2014 and 21 September 2016. The empirical formulae have been developed between band reflectance values and field sample values, there was a significant relationship between MODIS and OCM derived sediments concentration, thus giving standard estimates of sediments at 500, 250m pixel resolution. A wide category of investigation on the coastal waters of Pichavaram will be supported by the multi sensor approach. The model was standardized to divan change quantities for a detected 10 years timeframe by amending the parameters of the transference utility selected. Flow measurements, depth of the river have been analyzed by the use of Hydrometer. The field investigations were done in every month of 2016. A model is developed in HEC RAS 4.1 software by giving inputs such as flow measurements, bed gradation, and cross section co ordinates approaches employed to achieve this result and new features were added to HEC-RAS.

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