Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 23, Sept. Suppl. Issue 2017; Page No.(230-234)


Velappagari Sekhar and R. Arulmozhiyal


In present cellular network operators are always seeking to improve the rural network demand, this makes the potential customers in remote rural areas. However, because of load demand, non-renewable energy resources (fossil fuel) pose major challenges to cellular network operators. The specific power supply needs for remote based telecom stations (RBTSs) such as economical, highly efficient and reliable which can be satisfied by taking advantage of the technological advances in renewable sources. In order to ensure continuous supply of power suitable storage technology is used as backup by effective control logic in this paper, the sustainability of a 4-kW hybrid of wind and battery system is investigated for meeting the requirements of a 3-kW remote based telecom stations by integration of MPPT logic and pitch control logic. A charge controller for battery bank based on turbine maximum power point tracking and battery state of charge is developed to ensure controlled charging and discharging of battery. The mechanical safety of the RBTSs is assured by means of pitch control logic. The Battery SOC and pitch control schemes are integrated and the efficacy is validated by testing it with various load and wind profiles in MATLAB/SIMULNIK. Finally we are going to find the wind turbine and battery parameters under the influence of gradual variation, step variation and arbitrary variation of wind speed. Buck converters for telecom based DC load regulation Integration of MPPT based pi controller logic and pitch control logic in closed loop operation and excess energy to the grid.

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