Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 23, Sept. Suppl. Issue 2017; Page No.(221-225)


C. Monica, R. Arulmozhiyal and M. Murali


This paper presents a three phase transformer less inverter topology for grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) and wind energy systems which is capable of solving leakage current issues, active and reactive power compensations. In this further work, the ground leakage current is controlled below the regulation limit by using LC filter. The proposed system can inject both active and reactive power into the utility grid without current distortion and leakage current. One of the advantages of the transformer less inverter is injecting the power constantly and so the efficiency of the power to the grid is higher than the single phase transformer topology system. They also eliminate inherent pulsating power in single-phase PV systems. The MPPT algorithm control strategy is used in PV module to harvest the highest possible power from the module, even though they might be at dissimilar irradiance levels and operating temperature. Wind power module is also controlled by MPPT algorithm in an effective way. Transformerless condition makes the proposed system low cost, light weight and higher efficiency. A detailed analysis is carried out on the hybrid system at desired conditional parameters such as irradiation, temperature etc.

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