Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 23, Sept. Suppl. Issue 2017; Page No.(108-111)


Vikrant Srivastava, Vijigisha Srivastava and K.N. Sheth


The conventional method of disposal of e-waste, including land-filling, burning and acid-treatment makes way to environmental degradation and health hazards. India the largest democracy and a developing country faces various obstacles in management of e-waste. The major obstacle is lack of awareness, and sensitivity towards the disposal of e-waste. ‘E-waste’ is relatively a new term for the common man and so are the problems associated with it. The problem doesn’t end just in the awareness sector; many of the gold-digger factories often allow the release of toxic waste in the environment. The quantum of e-waste generated is increasing exponentially due to shorter product life, continuous innovations and up-gradations. In addition, the increased buying power and exponential growth in information technology also made technology available to the remotest of the societies. The changing lifestyle which is more towards comfort and luxury has also made people adopt, replace and discard equipments at a very fast pace. Latest electronic products have become a matter of status symbol. These challenges not only make the management difficult, but also render the environment exposed to highly toxic e-waste. Strict implementation of laws, creation of awareness, establishment of an effective collection system, employing manpower with authorized recyclers, having proper facilities for recycling and adoption of futuristic techniques is likely to enhance the management of e-waste. This paper emphasizes on the challenges faced and tackling them in a step wise manner, thus bringing sustainable and green management of the highly toxic e-waste.

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