Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 23, Issue 3, 2017; Page No.(1430-1436)


Ninija Merina, R. Sashikkumar, M.C. Catherine Dhanya, V. and Rizvana, N.


Today’s world wide yearly loss of storage capacity due to sedimentation is increasing day by day even though measures are taken to increase the capacity of water by the construction of new reservoirs for the purpose of irrigation, drinking water and hydropower generation. In general, dams do the process of interrupting sediment transport through rivers by locking the sediment in reservoir .This usually causes decline of the capacity of the reservoir as well as reducing the usable life of it. These sort of problems are increasing day by day with the construction of dams. Modern techniques can be applied for the passage of sediment without affecting reservoir capacity, but they are not in use, even though they are valuable.Hence, the present study has been undertaken with the intention of sediment management in reservoirs, particularly Vaigai reservoir as well as raising the life of reservoir, apart from reducing the impacts caused by environmental factors towards dams.

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