Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 23, Issue 2, 2017; Page No.(780-785)


Satyabrata Pal, Arunava Ghosh, Goutam Mandal, Asim Kumar Chakraborty and Satyananda Basak


Global warming and climate change are the twins which have engrossed the mankind in realisation of the premonition that it heralds because of the perilous effects befalling on the human existence in the near future by their presence. It is the foremost task in front of all of us at this point of juncture to devise ways and means to alleviate the effects of global warming in the environment in the nearest future so as to restore the balance (in respect of warming) prevailing in the globe for a long time, needless to mention at this point that the phenomenon of global warming has been created solely by indiscriminate actions performed by human beings and subsequently, lack in adequate motivation towards generating efforts which may eventually redress the effects arising out of this dreaded environmental change. Our caveat is that the record of Global Annual Average Temperature (GAAT) as listed on NASA’s site is regarded as sacrosanct and the said data-base on which precise models (using the data for the year, 2015) have been developed in this paper. A peek into the existing literature on modelling-efforts on data on global warming reveals the following papers, namely, Pal and Pal (2011); Pal et al. (2013); Pal et al. (2014); Pal and Ghosh (2014); Pal et al. (2015) and Pal et al. (2015).

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