Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 23, Issue 2, 2017; Page No.(611-614)


Seiied Taghi Seiied Safavian, Taleb Abdollahi and Nima Khanzadeh


The use of novel modeling methods is becoming increasingly popular in the new world where a desirable organizational performance demands meticulous planning and good management. One of these methods is SWOT analysis which can be used to analyze how various factors inside and/or outside of an organization influences its performance and to identify the optimal strategies such as SO, WO, ST and WT for achieving the organizational goal. The present study has incorporated SWOT with TOPSIS to come up with the innovative method of T, SWOT in order to meticulously investigate the performance of municipalities in the area of waste management. Results from the study revealed that T, SWOT is a powerful method. Furthermore, the results suggested that the Meshkinshahr wasnÂ’t so powerful in using the opportunities to deal with threats in waste management area. These findings were used in Qualitative Strategic Planning Matrix (QSPM) to carry out the final analysis, which provided the ranking of as many as 16 strategies. More specifically, highest score (24.236) belonged to WT1 strategy as to Reinforce management system in landfill sites. Produced the highest score; followed by WO1 strategy (22.872) as to build compost plant to handle the high volumes of recyclable waste materials.

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