Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 23, Issue 1, 2017; Page No.(555-562)


Victor Khamitsevich Temiraev, Valery Ramazanovich Kairov, Rustem Borisovich Temiraev, Zalina Alimbekovna Kubatieva and Vladimir Mitsakhovich Gukezhev


Modern poultry industry, striving to abandon the use of feed antibiotics, sees it especially urgent to apply natural stimulators of poultry growth to obtain environmentally safe products. Such poultry growth stimulators are probiotics. The methodology of the conducted studies is based on scientific concepts described in the papers of national researchers in this area, and the strict observation of tested zoocultural, physiological and biochemical study methods. In experiments, both common and special methods to process digital materials have been employed, based on statistical and mathematical analysis methods using the Microsoft Office software. Ross-308 cross broiler chickens were the target of the research. Each experiment included 4 groups, 1 control group and 3 test groups. The study results show that it is the first time in the Northern Caucasus that the practicability of feeding hulless barley grains after ozonation and the bifidumbacterinum probiotic is justified as applicable to the composition of broiler chickens of barley-wheat-sunflower type with a tolerant level of aflatoxins Â1. The studies revealed that feeding barley grains subjected to ozone along with the bifidumbacterinum probiotic to reduce the risk of aflatoxicosis in broiler chickens improved the survival rate and growth energy of poultry stock, and optimized the conversion of nutrients of the diet into the products. The combined additives of treated barley grains and probiotic had a higher effect on digestive exchange processes during the studies, which manifested itself in test group 3 chickens, as compared to control groups, in a higher digestibility index for dry and organic components of the diet, wet protein, crude fiber and nitrogen-free extractive substances. New data, describing the effect of these feed factors onto meat production performance, nutritional and biological value of meat, the level of digestive and intermediate exchange of broiler chickens, make a great contribution to zootechnics. The study results have been used to develop methodological recommendations for using fodders with a tolerant level of aflatoxins to feed agricultural poultry, and are used for education purposes when training veterinarians.

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