Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 23, Issue 1, 2017; Page No.(283-286)


Charis K. Ripnar, Umadevi S. Hiremath and S. Anitha


Cluster bean or guar (Cyamopsis tetragonaloba) is a widely grown crop. It is a draught hardy, deep rooted, summer annual legume. It is an important self-pollinated, multipurpose and restorative leguminous vegetable crop. It belongs to the tribe Galagae (Indigoferae) of the Leguminosae family. Developing products from cluster bean is a way of consuming it especially for those not liking the taste of cluster bean and reason being that cluster bean is a perishable vegetable leading to a loss in procuring it. The objective of the study was to develop a product by incorporating cluster bean powder in chocolate, conduct sensory evaluation and conduct nutrient analysis of the developed product. Control chocolate sample scored the highest in all the sensory characteristics (Appearance- 8.00, Texture- 8.20, Colour-8.25, Flavour-8.10, Taste- 8.35, Overall acceptability- 8.20) followed by cluster bean chocolate –I (CBS-I) in which scores(Appearance- 7.85, Texture- 7.65, Colour-7.95, Flavour-7.45, Taste- 7.60, Overall acceptability- 7.70) were near to the scores of control sample. However, no significant difference was found in appearance and flavor of the variations. CBC-I was selected best and it was nutritionally analy ed. The proximate composition of cluster bean chocolate were moisture (5.0%), protein (6.42g), fat (35.30g), total ash (1.50g), crude fibre (0.86g), carbohydrates (50.92g), energy (547Kcal), calcium (200mg), iron (3g). Potassium was found to be high (4.42mg) but sodium was low (1.56mg). Total dietary fibre was 3.63g. Therefore, more specific research on chocolate should be conducted in order to support the studies so that proper discussion can be done.

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