Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 23, Issue 1, 2017; Page No.(63-70)


A. Tutut Subadyo and Dina Poerwoningsih


Integrated infrastructure development in the agropolitan region plays very important role in promoting economic growth of the region. Poncokusumo Agropolitan Region (PAR) Malang based on agro and ecotourism is one of 11 (eleven) agropolitan in East Java Province of Indonesia. This study aimed to develop an integrated infrastructure development design direction to support the development of PAR. In this study the performance of PAR were analyzed by several methods: situational analysis, potential matrix, LAP (Land Allocations Percentages), Bayes-LQ (Location Questions), VA (Value Added), BCG (Boston Consulting Group), CF (Coumpounding Factor), and ISM (Interpretative Structural Model); independence level was analyzed with Multi Dimensional Scaling (MDS), and AHP (Analytical Hierarchy Process). The results showed that: (1) Development of PAR on post facilitation shows that positively impact performance: (2) Independence of the PAR on post facilitation still need to improve some aspects; and (3) development of infrastructure should be driving and leverage other sectors in the development of PAR independently which is reflected in the implementation of environmental management systems, sustainability of economic activities, social and cultural stability and preservation of the environment. The simulation results show the expected major infrastructure is roads, irrigation, drainage and building to support agribusiness. Infrastructure development optimistic scenario would be the best option because it provides a broad impact on the increassing of the total economic value of PAR. Model of Integrated Infrastructure (IT) development prioritized the infrastructure for agro-industries to encourage industrialization in PAR, both in household and industrial scale, which should meet the rules of norms, standards, guidelines and manuals in accordance with minimum service standards. IT development model in this PAR can be an agropolitan prototype development in Indonesia.

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