Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 23, Issue 1, 2017; Page No.(37-42)


Amir Hossein Tabee, Ali Karami - Khaniki , Ali Akbar Bidokhti3 and Kamran Lari


Identification of the sediments characteristics is one of the fundamental issues in physical oceanography, environment. Grain size distribution (grading) is one of the main parameters in the identification of sediments. The traditional method screening using sieving are often used to determine the coarse grain size distribution but this way is both expensive and time consuming. In this study, a device has been designed and built for determining the grain size distributions and it is consisting of both hardware and software. The device can take sediment images and create specific gradation curves. In our experiment in the hardware part of device the sediment photos were taken. The taken sediment images were transferred to the software part and the gradation curves were plotted. Finally the taken photos were processed and analyzed. for testing of the device as the first step, photos of sandy sediments and sand specifications in testing physical modelling have been analyzed and then some samples of natural river and country coastal sediments were evaluated and the grading distribution curves were plotted. Our finding grading curves were comparable with the traditional grading curves screenings. In this study, our designed device reduces both the time (about one-tenth) and total cost in comparison of the traditional methods.

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