Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 23, Feb 2017 Suppl. Issue; Page No.(313-320)


A.P. Dwivedi, Prem Chand, Anupam Mishra, S.R.K. Singh4 and Tushar Athare


Farmers over generations developed different varieties and land races for different agro-climatic and socioeconomic conditions. A wealth of varieties of indigenous rice as a source of unexplored gene pool occurs naturally. These varieties have great scope for climate change adoption. However, there has also been tremendous loss of traditional knowledge associated with traditional agro-ecosystems and production practices. The present study developed as institutional arrangement for identification, collection of climate resilient rice varieties for conservation. Total 14 district of Chhattisgarh states falling under tribal forest region or biodiversity rich especially in rice genetic material were selected for the programme. Institutional arrangement, capacity building and awareness programme for different stakeholders were at different levels organized during the period 2013 to 2015. Results of the study indicated that the different climate resilient characteristics of the identified varieties were low water requirement, short duration, early maturity, resistance to different biotic stress like pest and diseases etc. The major climate resilient varieties found were Chudi Dhan, Turia Kabri, Lal Dhan, Lal Chudi Dhan, Gudma Dhan, Tulsighati, Jondra-Dagd, etc. The study also suggests policy implications for identification, conservation and multiplication of seed of such varieties for making long term benefits of these materials to the farming community in climate resilience in the region.

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