Asian Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology & Environmental Sciences Paper

Vol 18, Issue 4, 2016; Page No.(1045-1055)


Surjit Singh, Neha Pradhan, Nupur Ojha, Bodhisattva Roy and Sutapa Bose


Scarcity of water is soon going to incapacitate the entire world and therefore the sooner newer methods are devised to utilize water in all its possible form the better for mankind. The ground water and surface water is rapidly getting contaminated by pollutants and hence cannot be utilized for irrigation purposes. Thus, an alternative water source, i.e. Grey water comes into play. Grey water is easily available and through an inexpensive laboratory scale treatment method it can be purified so that it can serve for irrigation purposes. Five liters of grey water was treated by physical, chemical and biological aided treatment procedures which were divided into three main methods namely primary, secondary and tertiary treatment. The physical, chemical and biological properties were determined in order to assess the efficiency of the treatment process. The laboratory treatment process yielded 85.6% of water post treatment. The results of raw grey water and treated water sample were determined, compared and analyzed. The treated and untreated grey water was further tested for the phytotoxicity analysis where the seeds of V. radiata and V. mungo were grown for 30 days and its root and shoot lengths were measured. Germination rate was found to be 100% in treated grey water in comparison with untreated where only 70% germination rate was observed. Significant changes in root and shoot length was also observed in both treated and untreated grey water. The grey water sample has been effectively treated and can be used for irrigation purposes in drought prone areas.

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