Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 22, Sept. Suppl. Issue , 2016; Page No.(383-389)


Rashtrarakshak, D.G. Satihal and Suresh S. Patil


In recent years, food security, livelihood security, water security as well as natural resources conservation and environment protection have emerged as major issues worldwide. Developing countries struggling to deal with these issues and also have to contend with the dual burden of climate change and globalization. It has been accepted by everyone across the globe that sustainable development is the only way to promote rational utilization of resources and environmental protection without hampering economic growth. Developing countries around the world are promoting sustainable development through sustainable agricultural practices which will help in addressing socio-economic as well as environmental issues simultaneously. Paddy is one of the major crop grown in Karnataka. The cultivation of rice represents both a way of life and a means to livelihood. Hence, this paper examines comparative economics of different IFS modules being practiced by farmers against paddy cultivation in North Eastern Region of Karnataka. It also assesses the impact on livelihood security of farm households. Specially, it has estimated the impact of IFS at farm level in terms of resource use and profitability of IFS with different components such as crop, dairy, orticulture, sericulture, vermicompost, sheep and goat rearing besides examining its impact on employment generation and livelihood security. The data was collected from 60 IFS and 60 Non-IFS sample farmers from three districts of NEK region. The tabular analysis is used for cost and returns calculation and for comparing financial feasibility and overall performance of IFS modules discounting measures are used. It is observed that the practice of IFS found to be more profitable in terms of productivity, employment generation and nutritional security as compared to conventional crop cultivation of Non-IFS practices.

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