Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol. 22, June Suppl. Issue 2016; Page No.(279-282)


Ramjee Lal Meena, Dipak De, B. Jirli, Pradeep Joliya and Ashok Kumar Gautam


The present study entitled “study on the socio-economic profile and the common activities of the respondents on internet in Banaras Hindu University” was undertaken during the year 2013-14. The study revealed that majority of the randomly selected respondents (57.50 %) belonged to be P.G. group. Fifty percent of the respondents belonged to rural area. In case of parental education 35.00 per cent of the female parent i.e., mother possessed High School level of education whereas 32.50 percent of the male parent i.e., father possessed Intermediate level of education. The family occupation of majority of the respondents (40.00%) was farming. The family income of majority (70 %) of the respondents was found fall under the income category of above s.1,00,000. The career orientation of majority (40%) of the respondents was in research. Regarding common activities of the respondents with special reference to internet use, majority (90%) of the respondents used internet daily. Most of the respondents (50 per cent) used their personal computer for accessing internet. Majority of the respondents (43.75 %) started using internet more than four year ago. Majority of the respondents (35 %) used internet for 1 to 2 hours per visit. Majority of the respondents (91.25%) revealed that they accessed the internet for ‘looking for information about books, movies or other leisure activities’ as the major common activity on internet.

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