Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol. 22, June Suppl. Issue 2016; Page No.(169-176)


H.V. Vasava, V.R. Chudasama, V.D. Rathv, D.G. Dalvaniya and H. N. Leua


The present investigation entitled, “Performance of different varieties of Amaranth (Amaranthus spp.) under net house and open field conditions” was carried out from February to May 2013 in the net house and open field at Horticulture Instructional Farm, Department of Horticulture, C. P. College of Agriculture, S. D. Agricultural University, Sardarkrushinagar (Gujarat). Experiment was laid out in split plot design in which five Amaranth varieties (Pusa Lal Chaulai, Chhoti Chaulai, Pusa Kiran, Arka Suguna, Arka Arunima) were sown in two conditions, i.e. net house and open field. Therefore, making total ten treatment combinations which were replicated thrice. Data on yield parameters (Days taken for first, second, third cutting, Days taken for subsequent cutting after third one and yield of first, second, third cutting and cumulative yield of subsequent cutting) and quality parameters (Chlorophyll, protein and ascorbic acid content) were recorded and analyzed to evaluate the treatments. It was observed that between two growing conditions, net house performed superior over open field with respect to yield and quality characters except chlorophyll and ascorbic acid content. It was recorded in different varieties indicated that variety Pusa Kiran found superior than all other varieties in yield character, while, results obtained from leaves quality parameters revealed that variety Chhoti Chaulai recorded maximum protein content as compare to other varieties, whereas, Pusa Lal Chaulai found maximum in SPAD meter reading of Chlorophyll and variety Pusa Lal Chaulai recorded maximum ascorbic acid. Under net house condition, Pusa Kiran showed superiority with respect to yield and chlorophyll, though Chhoti Chaulai was also proved equally good for protein content and Pusa Lal Chaulai for ascorbic acid. Under open field condition, Pusa Kiran performed superior over other varieties for all the parameters except quality, whereas Arka Suguna for protein, Pusa Lal Chaulai for chlorophyll and Arka Arunima for ascorbic acid observed good under open field condition. From the findings of study it may be concluded that Pusa Kiran is a suitable variety for cultivation under both the conditions viz. net house and open field.

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