Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol. 22, June Suppl. Issue 2016; Page No.(35-39)


G. B. Lokesh, Suresh S. Patil and Y.S. Amaresh


Assessment of bio pesticides market show that the demand for bio pesticides has steadily increasing since 1997 and the momentum is projected to continue. Demand for bio-pesticides in India is forecast to exhibit high growth in terms of both volume and value, estimated at respective compounded annual rates of 18.3 percent and 19 percent over the 2014-2020 period. The trends in bio-pesticide use patterns are often attributed to safety considerations, phasing out of toxic pesticides, increased regulation stringency, environmental issues, and emerging developments in new technologies. But these reasons are often based on conjecture and lack supporting evidence. Given the above factors, the study was carried out to explain the specific social and economic drivers for development, production and use of bio-pesticides in Raichur district, Karnataka during 2013-14. The results revealed that the net effect of differential cost and returns between bio-pesticide and chemical pesticides regime that the net returns with bio-pesticide application (Rs. 4,990 per acre) was higher by a margin of Rs. 520 than the net returns with chemical pesticide application (Rs.4,470 per acre). It is clear from the results that lack of timely availability in the market, lack of awareness about how and when to use are the constraints faced by the farmers in the study area. In order to encourage the use of bio-pesticides for sustainable agriculture, the policy suggestions are: there is a need of commercially viable and its availability of bio-pesticides with appropriate institutional technology transfer mechanisms for promotion of bio-pesticides. The presence of private sector in bio-pesticide production and marketing is marginal, and it needs to be improved through economic incentives.

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