Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 22, Issue 2, 2016; Page No.(567-576)


H. Riniwati


Results of the first year of the study indicate that the role of government in this case the Department of Marine and Fisheries (DKP) in Malang regency are very good at empowering people. This is evident from the relationships in the model of empowerment. The ability of the individual factors in the coastal village of Malang regency, not directly affect the level of empowerment in the success of the blue economy. While the effect of ability to the individual factors indirectly through the ability of the government (Department of Marine and Fisheries / DKP) is positive significant on the level of empowerment. This condition gives the meaning that DKP’s role in empowering the community is huge. Independently of society are notable to increase the level of empowerment. However, through the touch of DKP community programs are able to. Thus to achieve the policy objectives have been achieved blue economy, the public can expect a lot of enhancing the role of DKP (Riniwati, 2013). The research objectives are : to study and analyze the human condition associated with motivation, capabilities and opportunities of human resources within the organization, analyzing indicators of motivation, ability, opportunity and human performance, analyze the direct influence of (a) the ability to motivate; (b) the opportunity to motivation; (c) motivation to performance; (d) the ability of the performance; opportunities on the performance, analyzing the indirect effect between (a) the ability to motivation and performance; (b) the opportunity to motivation and performance, analyzing the test overall HR performance improvement models, formulate policies that support performance improvement blue economy through the ability, motivation, opportunities to resources. Respondents many as 50 HRDKP Malang. Data were obtained by means of a structured interview to the respondent. Data were analyzed by the method of Generalized Structured Component Analysis (GSCA). The results showed that globally it can be concluded that the chances of resource use by HR is an important part of the program as providing opportunities DKP will improve performance as well as fertilizing ability and motivation is an important part that cannot be separated from the work program DK Pin order to improve the performance of its human resources. Giving opportunity or authority to use natural resources and marine fisheries needs to be improved through providing opportunities in completing tasks related to natural resource management. The courage to take decisions related to the achievement of organizational goals DKP Malang need be given for example by supporting the decision making related to the risk posed by the dreaded no sanction but with solutions together, shared, there is a collective action that courage in making decisions related to the achievement of organizational goals increases.

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