Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol. 22, April Suppl. Issue 2016; Page No.(403-410)


N. Mahantesh, Siddayya and Alka Singh


Pesticides coupled with other modern inputs undoubtedly have enabled the country to achieve unparalleled increase in agricultural productivity over the last five decades and thus enabled to achieve food security. However, chemical methods of plant protection have proven to be increasingly unsustainable and cost ineffective due to development of pest resistance, rising pesticide cost, pesticide induced outbreak of pest and negative effects of pesticide use on human health and environment. Visualizing the importance of various pesticide issues, the present study intends to examine the economic and environmental issues of pesticide usage in vegetables in Western Uttar Pradesh. The specific objectives of the study was to examine the economics of pesticide use in vegetable production. The analytical tool for the objective relating to economics of pesticide use was analyzed using various cost components such as cost A, cost B and cost C. For the determinants of vegetable production, the damage control production function and Cobb-Douglas (C-D) production function was used. The results indicated that the expenditure on nitrogen, average price of pesticide and pest intensity has significantly influenced the pesticide use in vegetables. The unit cost of pest control was found to be highest in case of tomato and least in case of potato. The determinants of vegetable yield revealed that the estimated coefficients for fertilizer expenditure, area under the crop, FYM used and expenditure on pesticides were found to be positive and significant.

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