Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 22, Issue 1, 2016; Page No.(133-147)


A.K. Singh, A.K. Tripathi and Jai Singh


The present system of ‘conventional’ agriculture which is practiced the world over evolved in the western nations as a product of their socio-economic environment which promoted an overriding quest for accumulation of wealth. This method of farming adopted by other countries is inherently self destructive and unsustainable. Increasing use of agrochemicals especially pesticides resulted in the damage to environment and increased resistance of insects to them. Synthetic pesticides also harmed useful organisms in the soil. It has been reported by the researchers that the food production had just doubled during the first 20 years of launch of Green Revolution in India, however, consumption of chemical fertilizers have increased seven folds and of pesticides by 375 folds. It has established by the researches that organic agriculture is superior than chemical farming which consequences better input use efficiency and reduced risk leading to increased income, enhanced self reliance and livelihood security of the farmers. Further it has positive impact on soil, health betterments of livelihoods, signifying substantial prospective for sustenance of natural resources and ecology. There is a need to encourage and prioritize organic agriculture for development at global level and especially in India which has greater possibilities and potential with special reference to Madhya Pradesh in particular as the state is fastest growing in organic agriculture especially in organic cotton, soybean, many fruits and vegetables. According to the recent estimates 35 million hectare land is under organic agriculture at global level out of that India is the second largest country in Asia which contributes more than one million hectare organic area. Among the states of India, Madhya Pradesh is the fifth leading state in organic farming and it has better potential as it has about 30 percent of the area is under forest cover which may be considered under organic agriculture by default.

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