Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol. 21 Suppl.Issue August 2015; Page No.(177-181)


Deepak Chouhan, R.K. Nema and M. K. Awasthi


This study was carried out to find working status of water user association’s in Command area of three basins namely the Narmada basin, Betwa basin, and Tones basin. The members of WUAs were surveyed through pro forma questionnaires was analysed for three different basins. Farmers of the Narmada basin spend maximum time in agricultural works, have higher levels of education and most of the farmers have an annual income of less than Rs 25,000. Women workers participation and farmer co-operation were higher in Narmada basin. Interest of political leaders, government departments and private organizations were maximum in Narmada basin. Farmers of the Narmada basin lead in getting new technology by advanced information services such as television, RAEO, and developed farmer’s and also has developed machinery and more skilled workers. Water users of Narmada basin have more capable for investment on drippers, sprinklers, sprayer, and new machines as compeer to other basins but adoption of new technology and seed replacement was more in Tones basin. Narmada basin is prosperous in water recourses and prices of recourses were more in Tones basin. Water productivity of wheat was found increased by use of new techniques in Tones basin and reaches to 2.5 kg/m³ from 1.3 kg/m³ and in Betwa basin it increases to 4 kg/m³ from 3.1 kg/m³. Narmada basin has water productivity of 0.47 kg/m³ in wheat which may be further increased by introducing new techniques of water saving and increasing production.

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