Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 21, Issue 2, 2015; Page No.(968-974)


Raman Kumar Pachouri, Anil Kumar Pal, Manoj Pandey and S.K. Trivedi


An experiments was conducted during winter season of 2010-11 and 2011-12 with mustard (Brassica Juncea (L.) Czernj and Cosson) on sandy loam soil at Agricultural Research Farm of Raja Balwant Singh College, Bichpuri, Agra to find out the response of mustard to sulphur in relation to Iron. The treatments consisted of four doses of iron (0,10,20 and 40 kg/ha--) and four doses of sulphur (0, 30, 60 and 90 kg/ha) applied threw ferrous sulphate and elemental sulphur in factorial randomize block design replicated thrice seed and stover yield of mustard increased significantly up to 20 kg Fe/ha and 60 kg S/ha application. Application of 40 kg Fe/ha and 90 kg S/ha significantly increased growth and yield attributing characters. The total uptake of N, P, K and S significantly increased up to 20 kg Fe/ha and 90 kg S/ha however, the Fe uptake increased significantly with 40 kg Fe/ha. Highest net return were recorded with the application of 40 kg Fe/ha and 90 kg S/ha. Where as, highest benefit cost ratio were found where 20 kg Fe/ha and 60 kg S/ ha applied.

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