Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 21, Issue 2, 2015; Page No.(615-626)


Muhamad Hanif Md Nor, Chin Hong Neoh, Nurul Farhana Rapani, Noor Aina Baijan, Norahim Ibrahim, Adibah Yahya, Shafinaz Shahir, Madihah Salleh, Chun Siong Chong, Wan Rosmiza Zana Wan Dagang, Mohd Firdaus Abdul Wahab, Huszalina Hussin, Haryati Jamaluddin, Fa


Climate change is a natural phenomenon where significant change in weather patterns in a certain region of the world is observed. Interestingly, the earth’s climate has changed throughout its history mostly as a result of minor variations in the earth’s orbit that change the amount of solar energy it received. Only recently, however, climate change has become more rapid and uncontrolled especially in the past century. This is due to human activities that have caused excess emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases through industrial activity, fossil fuel and forest burning. The emitted greenhouse gases become a barrier that traps heat in the earth’s atmosphere, leading to an increase in global temperature. Consequently, the global warming will cause a domino effect that will affect not just the human health, but also affecting the economy and the whole ecosystem which includes all flora and fauna species. Therefore, drastic actions have been taken by the scientific community in an attempt to encounter the climate change. This paper reviews the potential use of biological system ranging from plants to microorganisms as tools for mitigating climate change in the tropics. The impact of climate change on human health and economy as well as the overall ecosystem is described, followed by a brief discussion on the potential ability of mitigating climate change using the biological system from plants and microorganisms. This paper also provides an insight on the developing renewable energy technologies that would soon be replacing the conventional fossil fuel for energy source.

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