Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 21, Issue 1, 2015; Page No.(571-574)


D. T. Vaghela, P. K. Krishnakumar and Shabir Ahmad Dar


The concentration of trace metals (Cd and Pb) was analyzed in surface waters samples from estuary and coastal waters adjacent to the Hiran river, Devka river and harbour creek of Veraval coast in every month for one year (2003). The samples were collected in a clean plastic bucket for trace metal and filtered through a 0.45 um Millipore membrane filter, acidified with concentrated HNO3 to adjust its pH 2 and stored in a deep freezer. Metal were analyzed using Stripping Voltammetry in a 757 VA Computrace attached to 765 Dosimat (Metrohm, Switzerland). The mean concentrations of Cd were 0.324 μg/l, 0.353 μg/L and 0.600 in the estuary, Hiran river and adjoining sea respectively. The mean level of Cd of creek samples were 0.538 μg/L, 0462 μg/L and 0.713 μg/L in the estuary, creek and adjoining sea respectively. Whereas mean value of Cd of estuary, Devka river and sea were 0.342 μg/L, 0.083 μg/L and 0.286 μg/L respectively. ANOVA of Cadmium content showed significant variation between station type wise, month wise and between rivers. The mean values of Pb in creek were 2.632 μg/L, 1.901 μg/L & 2.487 μg/L in the estuary, creek and adjoining sea respectively. The mean level of lead of estuary, Devka river station and adjoining sea were 5.204 μg/L, 0.981 μg/L and 5.067 μg/L respectively. While mean value of estuary, Hiran river and adjacent sea were 1.843 g/L, 1.884 μg/L and 2.512 μg/L respectively. ANOVA.

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