Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 21, Issue 1, 2015; Page No.(205-213)


Pura Hano and Matiyar Rahaman Khan


Experiments were carried out to understand the effects of commercial formulations of Paecilomyces lilacinus (PL-formulations) at different doses of root knot nematode (Meloidogyne incognita) in comparison to carbofuran 3G at 2.0 kg a.i./ha and untreated control under farmyard manure (FYM) supplemented soil conditions of West Bengal, India. Two season trials both in pot and field conditions indicated that PL formulation (25%SC/25%WP) was effective at different doses to reduce nematode population (second stage juvenile-J2). A considerable reduction of soil nematode population was recorded; 25 to 86% in PL formulations and 60%-80% in carbofuran treated pots. Further, use of PL-formulations improved plant growth, fresh and dry weight of root and shoot. No significant impact of any treatment on the root galling caused by M. incognita in tomato was observed. Field results showed that application of the PL 25WP at 1.5kg in 500kg FYM at transplanting and second application of product formulations at same dose after 30 days of first application (=T2) proved effective for reduction of nematode population (~24.50%) in soil and enhancement of yield to extent of 60% during 2012-13. The greatest reduction (~60%) of soil nematode population was achieved with the application of PL 25SC at 2.0 lit in 500kg FYM (=T6) followed by PL 25% WP at 2.0 kg in 500kg FYM (=T3). However, T2 (PL25%WP +1.5kg in 500kg FYM) was considered as most economical treatment for harnessing better tomato yield in the nematode infested fields. The present study revealed that the PL-formulations both SC and WP are effective to reduce the nematode population in soil, improving plant growth parameters and enhancing tomato yield. However, the efficacy of PL-formulations was not as effective as carbofuran at 2.0 kg a.i./ha for suppression of root galling and protection of tomato plants.

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