Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Supplement Issue, Dec. 2014; Page No.(447-450)


S.P. Salvi and B.R. Salvi


The experiment was laid out to evaluate chewing type of mango varieties as well as the performance of mango varieties ideal for juicy purpose at Regional Fruit Research Station, Vengurle. The study was conducted with six different mango varieties, viz. Amrapali, Benganpalli, Pairi, Pulihara, Suvarnrekha and Karutha Kolumban with the parameters like vegetative, flowering, fruiting, yield attributes and physicochemical properties. From these studies it reveals that, Suvarnrekha, Amrapali and Benganpalli have shown good yield attributes as compared to Pairi. However, in physico-chemical properties Benganpalli and Suvarnrekha were performing very well compared to Pairi. Amrapali, Suvarnrekha and Pairi have excellent taste compared to rest of the mango varieties under study. From the above study it could be concluded that, out of six mango varieties tasted for juicy type Pairi, Amrapali, Benganpalli and Suvarnrekha are found good and economically profitable for commercial cultivation.

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