Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Supplement Issue, Dec. 2014; Page No.(303-312)


S. Subramanian and A.V. Manjunatha


This review article presents the concept of nexus among Energy-Water-Soil-Food in the Indian agriculture and tries to analyze the impact of these inputs used for food production considering the respective policies. Several policies for managing agricultural inputs are narrow and are not viewed in a holistic way, thereby creating inefficiencies in the agricultural systems due to mismanagement of resource use. Literature review reveals that a nexus oriented approach is needed to tackle the current levels of insecurity in access to resources. Understating of the nexus enables conditions for policy consistency in the social, economic, political and institutional dimensions targeting effective utilization of resources. Furthermore, an understanding of nexus facilitates to dwell deeper into the relative influences caused due to various administered policies and help to reduce the trade-offs to build horizontal integration in the sector. Though, this concept seems to be simple, but managing all the components together is a herculean task as it deals with the nexus between the human societiesÂ’, livelihood and the physical environment at large. Many concerns (eg. depletion and degradation of resources) raised in this review paper has to be addressed in an integrated /multi prolonged approach in a gradual manner.

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