Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol.17, Issue 1, 2011 ; Page No.(79-86)


M. S. Gaikwad1 and V.G. Maniyar


Nanded district of Marathwada region of the Maharashtra state is situated between 18016 to 19055 N latitude and 76056 to 78019 E longitude with a mean height of 489 m above mean sea level. Climate of Nanded district is hot and dry. The mean annual rainfall of Nanded district ranges from 900 to 1100 mm. The highest rainfall was recorded in SW monsoon season ranging from 82 to 89 per cent of the total annual rainfall, in different talukas. The onset of monsoon was observed in MW 23 and persisted up to MW 40 in almost all talukas except Kinwat where it continue up MW 43(108 mm). The low variability during monsoon season that is MW 25- MW 40. Provides assured rainfall during these weeks. the highest mean rainfall per week recorded in various talukas were 69, 83, 65, 252, 64, 63, 81 and 56 mm in Nanded, Bhokar, Kandhar, Kinwat, Hadgaon, Deglur, Biloli and Mukhed respectively.

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