Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol.17, Issue 1, 2011 ; Page No.(41-47)


S.S. Relekar, V.P. Joshi, J.M. Koli, S.T. Sharangdhar and M.T. Sharangdhar


Microbiological quality of fresh ribbon fish showed that TPC was 2.90 x 105 cfu/ g and halophilic bacteria were absent. Pathogens namely Staphylococci. E. coli, Salomonella, Streptococci. Vihrio and Coliforms were absent in fresh fish. Drying time for fish dried by different methods was observed to be 58 hours, 82 hours and 130 hours for Solar tent drier, raised bamboo: platform and black polythene sheet respectively. Initial total plate count of ribbon fish dried in Solar tent drier, raised bamboo platform. black polvthene sheet and market sample as recorded at 2.96 X 103, 3.80 x l03. 1.12 x l04 and 2.30 x l04 cfu / g respectively and the same increased to 5 x 103, 6.30 x 103. 4.80 x 10and 5.80 X l04 cfu/g respectively at the end of 120 days storage period. Initial total halophilic count of ribbon fish dried in solar tent drier, raised bamboo platform black polythene sheet and market sample was observed to be 2.40 x 102, 2.44 x 102, 5.50 x 103 and 2.20 x l04 cfu/g respectively. It increased to 4.0 x 102, 5.10 x 102, 2.0 x l04 and 1.4 x l05cftu/g, respectively at the end of 120 days storage study. Initially ribbon fish dried in solar tent drier and raised bamboo platform were observed to be free from fungus. However, TFC in solar tent dried and raised bamboo platform dried sample was recorded as 4.60x101 and 4.80xl01 cfu/g respectively at the end of four months storage. The TFC of ribbon fish dried on black polythene and market sample at initiation of storage was found to he 0.9x 102 and l.2x103 cfu/g respectively and then TFC in these samples increased to 2.60x 102 and 2.70x 103 cfu/g respectively after four months storage. Ribbon fish dried in solar tent drier, on raised bamboo platform and on black polythene sheet were absolutely free from total coli form organism initially during entire 120 days storage. While total, coli form organisms could be detected in dried ribbon fish sample collected from local market. It was recorded to be big initially and increased during storage. Finally, at the end of 120 days storage. TC was 58g.

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