Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Special Issue-2014; Page No.(201-211)


Oktavianus Lintong, Markus Lasut and Siegfried Berhimpon


Arakan-Wawontulap Coastal Region is assumed as a one of coastal region that have potency to be developed as an ecotourism region, especially associated with the conservation of Bunaken National Park. This study aims to evaluate Arakan-Wawontulap Coastal Region potency, and finding strategies to develop this region as a new ecotourism region. Therefore, have been done inventory ecotourism potency, determining the feasibility level of development regions and designing strategies for developing the Arakan-Wawontulap Coastal Region as an ecotourism region. Evaluation the potential of ecotourism conducted on six aspects: Natural Resources, Local Culture, Socio-Economic Local Communities, Infrastructure, Institutional, and Probable Impact. Data were collected using a Questionnaire, Interview, Observation and Documentation method. Data were analyzed according to the research objectives. Descriptive Analysis Method to inventory the potential of ecotourism. Scoring Method (Priskin, 2001; Anonymous, 2009) used to determine the feasibility level of development. SWOT Analysis Method (Rangkuti, 2008) to find the design of development strategies. The result shows that natural resource is very affluent. Socio-economic of local communities and institutional condition are adequate, and probable impact is very supportive. The potential for local culture and infrastructure is still low. Therefore, the design of development strategies that can be recommended for this region consists of the strategy of preparatory the region and stakeholders, capacity-building strategy, and marketing strategy. It can be concluded that the Arakan-Wawontulap Coastal Region feasible to be developed as ecotourism region, although by applying some strategy development. In this regard, it is advisable to conduct research on the ecological carrying capacity of a number of objects and attractions that exist in the region, and determine the spatial concept of ecotourism is most appropriate.

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