Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Special Issue-2014; Page No.(171-177)


Lefrand Manoppo, Siegfried Berhimpon, Ari B. Rondonuwu and Unstain N.W.J. Rembet


Indonesian waters hold an economic potency through fisheries and tourisms because of habitat for various indigenous and protected marine species. A study was done through surveys based on a descriptive method. The data sampling technique was triangular, using various simultaneous data collecting techniques. In this study, both primary and secondary data were used. Information was obtained through direct field observations, detail interviews, questioners and documentation. Marine mammals are distributed in seven regional waters of North Sulawesi Province, i.e. Southern Minahasa, Minahasa Induk, Northern Minahasa, Sitaro, Sangihe and Talaud Rengencies and Manado bay. Based on ten days observation in Sondaken, Poopoh and Wori, dugong was found in the morning and in the afternoon, with the highest number of appearance in the morning. DolphinÂ’s schools often appeared around Tagulandang Island and Ruang Island waters, moving from Mohong Sawang waters turning to around Pasige Island waters and then continuing to Ruang Island waters. Based on interviews to the fishermen and local communities whales were often seen in Kendahe (Maselihe) waters spreading water out of the surface in north wind season. It is evident that in 1999 a whale, called pauhe in local language, was driven ashore in Kendar beach, but it has never been seen afterwards. In 2002, there were two whales driven ashore in Naha coast, and they finally died on shore.

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