Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Special Issue-2014; Page No.(57-66)


Pablina L. Cadiz


The species composition, community structure, diversity and species importance value of mangroves in Baladingan, Ticao Island, Philippines were assessed after the 467-ha lot was donated to Silliman University. This study also provided opportunities for training and technical assistance to local communities, government units, and other private organizations in mangrove assessment, rehabilitation and conservation. A total of 31 species belonging to 20 families were recorded during the survey with the highest density of mature trees (10,600 stems ha-1) found in the fishpond dike in Ighod River. Average density of saplings and seedlings in all the sampled sites was 2,400 + 1,811stems ha-1 and 6,000+6,055 stems ha-1 respectively. Saplings were dominated by Avicennia lanata while seedlings were dominated by Aegiceras corniculatum. Substrate type ranged from silt clay to coarse sand hence the dominance of Rhizophora stylosa, R. apiculata and Aegiceras corniculatum. Enrichment planting is being implemented in the area. However, continued cutting of mangrove trees poses a constant threat to the mangrove forest in the area despite the ban on such prohibited activity. Public vigilance and proper enforcement are encouraged to protect the remaining mangrove forests.

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