Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol.17, Issue 2, 2011; Page No.(343-347)


Mayank Singh, O.P. Singh ‘Vatsa and M.P. Singh


The present paper deals with Gujar Tal margin soil at Jaunpur for changes in soil chemical properties of abandoned land (site I) and winter cultivated land (site - II) in different seasons, zones and depths. The pH of soil varied on alkaline side from 7.3 to 9.0 at site I and 7.2 to 8.0 at site II. It was distinctly higher during rainy and summer seasons. Organic carbon contents (site I, 1.117 to 4.885 mg g1 and site II, 1.419 to 5.034 mg g1) were slightly higher at site II than site I, and were more in the surface soil and decreased down the depth in all the seasons of the two zones at both the study sites. Total soil nitrogen contents varied at different seasons and depths in the two zones on both the sites (site I, 0.283 to 0.817 mg g1 and site II, 0.317 to 1.200 mg g1). Its content was always more in the surface soil and it was less during summer season at both the sites I & II. C/N ratio varied from 2.634 to 6.271 at site I and 2.803 to 6.656 at site II and was slightly high during rainy season at both the sites. It fluctuated with the seasonality and site conditions. The available phosphorus in soil varied from 31.51 to 99.37 mg g1 at site I and 34.00 to 106.00 mg g1 at site II. The lowest value was in summer and the highest during rainy season. The amount of total nitrogen (site I 27.03 ton/ha & site II 32.80 ton/ha) and available phosphorus content (site I 3.09 ton/ha & site II 3.38 ton/ha) varied distinctly upto 30 cm soil column depths at the two sites. Analysis of variance for nutrients showed significant variation in depths at upper zone (organic carbon p < 0.01, total nitrogen < p 0.05, available phosphorus p < 0.01, p < 0.001 & pH p < 0.05) and lower zone (organic carbon p < 0.01 & phosphorus < 0.05). Analysis of variance showed significant variation in season, at upper zone (Organic carbon p < 0.01, p < 0.05, available phosphorus p < 0.05 & pH p < 0.01) and at lower zone (organic carbon p < 0.01, available phosphorus p < 0.05 & pH < 0.05).

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