Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 20, Issue 3, 2014; Page No.(1117-1121)


Archana Gaur


Sambhar salt lake, is an Athalassic and endorheic lake and is always changing. Water spread Area, depth, temperature and hydro-chemical conditions vary with season and year to year. Shoreline of the lake shifts dramatically as it lies in a broad and relatively flat basin. The present work focuses on the hydro-chemical study carried out during 2013. Total rainfall during the period was 348 mm. Average Temperature variations were from 7 to 37°C., pH 6.54 to 8.87, water Density 3-25 Be, Alkalinity Nil-2670 mg/L, Hardness from 28- 115 mg/L, Salinity 0.53–162.21% and Dissolved oxygen from Nil-3.6mg/L. Total anoxic condition prevailed during most of the months while Free Carbon di-oxide was recorded only once during July-13 value being 25 ppm. Nutrient were in low concentration as Nitrate and Phosphate fluctuated between 1.16 -7.21 μg/L and 1.9-8.94 μg/L. NaCl content in lake brine was 98.67% in Jan-13 while post monsoon the values lowered to 88.56%. A steady increase in NaCl concentration was recorded again reaching 98.27% in Dec-13.

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