Asian Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology & Environmental Sciences Paper

Vol 11, Issue 4, 2009; Page No.(957-967 )




Sri kakul am is a costal town of AP India. It is backward District on the basis of education, economic status. People are not aware of hygiene and they are accustomed to throw domestic wastes in public places and cause obstraction in daily life.Wastages of hospitals, left over food of hotels, broken bottles, bricks, stones, cement, papers cups, plastic glass, polythene covers, cigarette packs, Khaini packs, Tyres shoes etc., form part of solid waste thrown around through fares. We have studied the levels of solid waste pollution of an area for every 1.2km. we selected 20 localities in the town and collected solid waste for one year i.e. from march 2007 to February 2008. We also concentrat on accumulation of solid waste during marriage functions. The study reveals that the town suffers with high percentage of solid waste and they are thrown on either side of the road and create nuisance to the pedestrians and also vechile users. There is no underground drainage for srikakulam town. The sewage water flows in open canals. The solid waste thrown into the canals obstruct the flow of water. The wastes are removed by the municipal staff and left along side of drainage canals. Defecation in public places is common site in srikakulam town, which creates un hygienic environment and spreads diseases like amoebiasis. 50% of the solid waste belongs to non-biodegradable category and directly effect the ecosystem. sewage management. The municipal authorities should collect solid wastes from various parts of the town and dump them in low lying areas far away from town. The solid wastes which are biodegradable can be used as compost. The wastes left in hospitals should be necessarily disposed off properly to ensure sanitation.

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