Pollution Research Paper

Vol.30, Issue 4, 2011; Page No.()


N.Rajkumar, T.Subramani, L.Elango


Groundwater quality is very important in evaluating its utility for agricultural, domestic and industrial purposes. Groundwater always contains some amount of chemical substances, and their concentration is a function of the initial composition, rainfall, land use, type of surrounding rocks, and the recharge processes. Erode city, the head quarters of Erode District, Tamil Nadu is located on the bank of river Cauvery , and lies between 11deg.17 N and 11deg.23' N latitudes and 77deg.40 E and 77deg.46 E longitudes. The aerial extend of the study area is about 120 km2. The major source of water supply is from the Cauvery River. Apart from the river water source, people in this region depend on groundwater for their needs. The present work aims to study the existing groundwater quality for which forty three groundwater samples were collected during February 2009 from the study area, and the samples were analyzed for its physical and chemical parameters such as pH, EC, TDS, alkalinity, hardness, Ca2+, Mg2+, Na+, K+, Cl-, SO42-, CO32-, HCO3- NO3-,and F-. The analytical results were compared with the Indian (BIS) and International (WHO) standards to know the suitability of water for drinking. Geospatial variation of various groundwater quality parameters were studied using geographical Information System (GIS). The study indicates that many groundwater samples analyzed during February 2009 exceed the permissible limit for drinking. The study further indicates that the disposal of municipal wastes at three locations contaminates the groundwater system. There is no uniform pattern of groundwater flow is observed in this region.

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