Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol. 19, Issue 01, 2013; Page No.(145-150)


N.B. More, U.K. Bhoye, S.U. Deshmukh,S.S. Kolpe and K.M. Pol


The field experiments on seasonal sugarcane were conducted during 2007-08,2008-09 and 2009-10 on farmers field and at Central Sugarcane Research Station, Padegaon, Tal: Phaltan, Dist: Satara, Pin-415 521 to assess the performance of different sugarcane cultivars in respect of yield and other physiological traits influenced by soil stress grown in sodic soils. Sugarcane cultivars viz. Co 86032,Co 94012,CoM 0265,Co 62175 and CoC 671 were planted in field with four replications under randomized block design. The high yielding sugarcane Cv. CoM 0265 ( Phule-265) performs better in Sodic soils in terms of cane (111.36 t ha-1) and CCS (15.54 t ha-1) yields and also significantly superior for different physiological traits over the other cultivars viz. Co 62175,Co 86032,Co 94012 and CoC 671 might be due to its higher genetic strength against salt stress. Therefore, CoM 0265 found to be a suitable cultivar in sodic soil with higher monetary returns as compare to other cultivars. Significantly higher N and K uptake and available N and K content in soil at harvest were recorded by CoM 0265 than the other cultivars.

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