Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol. 19, Issue 01, 2013; Page No.(135-137)


C. D. Badgujar, N. B. Shaikh, and R. D. Pawar


The experiment was conducted for three years (2005-2009) at Banana Research Station, Jalgaon with an objective to find out a suitable intercrop with banana on the basis of their economical performance. The treatments were Banana + Black gram, Banana + Green gram, Banana + Sesamum, Banana + Cowpea and Banana + Soybean along with a control (Banana sole crop). Among the intercrops studied, Cowpea and Green gram were proved to be ideal intercrops with banana crop providing the highest monetary returns per hectare of Rs. 2,01,605/- and Rs. 1,78,793/- were obtained when banana was intercropped with Cowpea and Green gram respectively. The benefit cost ratios of cowpea and green gram intercrops were 2.44 and 2.28 respectively. The highest Sustainable Value Index (0.81) was noticed with Banana + Cowpea treatment followed by Banana + Green gram (0.69).

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