Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol.18, Issue 04, 2012; Page No.(711-715)


Dien Henny1, Marsoedi, Bambang T.R. and Ijong F.G.


Development activities in coastal areas have to be concerned with the environmental carrying capacity, sustainability of natural resources, and have to be integrated with various activities related to the improving the welfare of local communities. Potential of BNP is so high, especially in relation to tourism, which is attractive to many international and domestic tourists. Therefore, as a part of sustainable management, the environmental condition especially water quality should be well known. Previous researches have shown that enterophatogenic bacterium was positive in Manado bay, all strains grown well at extreme conditions (pH, temperatures, and in NaCl). Also have been found in scad at “Bersehati” fish market, which could survive in the environmental conditions during selling. The aim of this study is to assess the water quality of Manado Bay and BNP, especially enteropathogenic bacteria. Samples were taken monthly from March to August 2011, at 5 locations, using GPS to ensure the sites. All samples were taken from surface layer (0- 1 m layer), and filled into sterilized bottles, kept in an cool box, and than immediately transported to laboratory in less than an hour after collected. E.coli. Total Vibrio sp, and Vibrio cholera were assessed using MPN method. Samples of fish from the traditional market, and seaweed cultivated in BNP areas, were also assessed with the same method. Results shown that Vibrio sp. grown well in all locations, more than WHO standard. Although less than WHO standard, Vibrio cholerae and E. coli were found in BNP. In Manado bay both pathogenics were found more than WHO standard. Assessment on fish and seaweed also shown positive results.

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