Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol.18, Issue 1, 2012; Page No.(131-136)


Mirmehrdad Mirsanjari and Mohammadreza Yavarzadeh


This article argues that before an eco-tourism strategy is devised four fundamental concerns to be tackled are: lack of clarity of definition, a lack of specific management structures, the nature of the industry and a lack of co-ordination. This article examines how the Green Tourism can develop the concept of urban green tourism Applying the practices of ecotourism to an urban environment is a relatively new concept but a concept that merits development in multiple cities, a concept that promotes environmental responsibility, local economic vitality, cultural diversity and experiential richness. The development and launch of the map is discussed and some of the problems encountered are examined. Key strategies for launching green tourism products are presented in the recommendations. This research seeks to outline how urban green tourism can be an effective approach to addressing the issues of Ecotourism in cities growth, waste management, etc., and demonstrates how sustainable tourism options can capitalize on the existing features of a city.

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